Rare books and the Franciscan special collection in Ostra Vetere (beautifulbooksinitaly): Part II

Sanctorius Sanctorius.De statica medicina; The Hague, Adrian Vlacq, 1657.
Sanctorius Sanctorius <1561-1636>.De statica medicina; The Hague, Adrian Vlacq, 1657.

The man in the weighing chair is supposed to be a portrait of Sanctorius Sanctorius himself. The British Library‘s version of this is missing its frontispiece. I have not included a lot of information about Sanctorius or Vlacq, because if you follow the links and tags you will find it. I will just say that I was reluctant to include a picture of a book published by Vlacq, who was a mathematician as well as a publisher, and published a book of logarithm tables.  How well I remember throwing my log tables into the bin as I left the maths O level exam hall.  (Why did I assume I’d passed?)